How To: Write the Japanese character "kuni" meaning "country"

Write the Japanese character "kuni" meaning "country"

This video tutorial is about Japanese language, and it shows us how to write the Japanese Kanji character "kuni" meaning "country". Our first step is to write a line starting from the top left and finishing in the bottom left. Remember that the order of the strokes in Japanese language are very important; there is just one possible stroke order for every character. After making the first stroke, you will need to make other two lines with only one stroke, starting from the same point than he previous one. They go like a mirrored L, in the way that it makes an incomplete rectangle. Inside that rectangle, we will need to start making a capital T: a horizontal line on the upper part, then a vertical line in the middle. Next, we make other two horizontal lines, equal to the last horizontal one we made, crossing the vertical one. When we make the last one, (it should look similar to an E) you'll need to make a stroke that looks like a tilde "`" over the last line. Finally, we complete the incomplete rectangle with a left to right line.

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